Business Services

Our role in your business is to ensure that your telecommunications are consistent and reliable. We can offer this to you because we are driven by our commitment to accountability, quality solutions, teamwork and passion for innovation. Your telecommunications needs are our responsibility. Our staff will take on every challenge with a positive attitude and offer considered options that suit your business.

We will ensure your needs are met on every occasion whether a phone requires immediate replacement or your entire system requires upgrading.

Our business analysis will ensure that our innovative products and specialist service will be a value addto your business. We will grow with you offering the best solutions for your business now and in the future. CBD can partner with you to ensure your business achieves top performance by connecting you to the right people, the best technology and innovative solutions.

Telephone Cabling

Whether it be an additional telephone point, an internet connection or the complete set-up of a new building, CBD can provide the perfect telephone cabling solution to suit.

  • Telephone systems cabling and building backbone cabling
  • Structured patchable cabling solutions
  • Testing and certification of networks
  • Underground and aerial cabling
  • Repair and reconnection of faulty cabling
  • New line application and connections to your business
  • Obligation free quotes

Telstra Phonewords

We can assist by providing you with effective marketing tools to cost effectively enhance your business branding.  Maintaining a positive brand image is vital to your business success.  Telstra PhoneWords can offer a range of phone words or inbound numbers which can deliver enhanced awareness, greater reach and better customer relations — all which have a beneficial effect on the bottom line. Phone words are the most popular type of inbound number followed by standard 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers and 13 numbers.

Different Phone Words Explained
1300 Numbers — Most Popular

1300 numbers are the most commonly requested phone word. 1300 numbers allow a customer to call you from anywhere in Australia from a fixed line at a cost similar to a local call. 1300 numbers can provide the same functionality as 13 numbers, but without high rental fees. 1300 numbers are great for small businesses looking to show increased scale. Depending on your service provider 1300 numbers can be dialled from overseas. The international number is dialled first, followed by the country code and then the 1300 number. No area code is required. An international call rate is charged to the caller which is great for international opportunities and online businesses.

1800 Numbers — Customers Call Free

1800 numbers are the next most popular type of phone words. 1800 numbers allow your customers to call you free of charge from a fixed line anywhere in Australia. Customers love 1800 numbers, because they know their call costs are covered. 1800 numbers are great for businesses that may have customer service centres or consumer hotlines.

13 Numbers — Premium Phone Words

13 numbers are a premium service phone word allowing your customers to call you from a fixed line anywhere in Australia for a flat rate cost similar to a local call. A significant government charge is applicable to 13 numbers. 13 Numbers are the most expensive type of phone word, but they are also the shortest making them the easiest to remember. 13 Numbers have an annual connection and registration fee. These numbers are great for medium to large businesses that have high call volumes and hence can justify the cost over a large number of calls.