CBD Telephone Business System

[MITEL Business Handset]

To achieve the best outcomes in your business you require a team that knows your business process and understands your needs. CBD will appoint an account manager to support you and assist you in making educated and informed telecommunications decisions.

We offer full analysis of your current systems so that together we can plan for your communications in the future as well as your present needs and concerns. We believe in honest advice and expert consultancy that suits your needs and budget, sourcing the most appropriate solutions for your business.

When you are thinking of upgrading your business telephone system, Telstra has made it simple and easy. There are two types of systems that CBD specialise in.

The Traditional Digital Business Phones

Telstra Business Phone System packages take the hassle out of communication as we include everything you need in one simple, value for money package that includes:

A New Fully Featured Telephone System to meet your needs today as well as providing you with the ability to expand in the future.
Telstra Network Services for access to Australia’s premier communications network.

  • Rebates on Telephone call Expenditure Charges.
  • Onsite installation, configuration and end-user training for your new Telstra Business Phone System.
  • Ongoing support through Telstra’s unique support service, Telstra Business Systems® Care, that provides you with a Single Point of Accountability for your communication needs.
  • Flexible payment options to meet your circumstances.
  • A single bill to show you all your communications charges.
  • We offer free site inspections on our telephone system installation for your peace of mind and ensure there’s nothing that could potentially cause problems or add costs to the installation.
  • Our jobs are project managed to ensure a smooth transition between the Telstra cutover and the system installation.
  • Fixed installation quotes so there are no surprises. Organise connection of new phone lines and services so you’re not left navigating through the complex connection process.
  • Pre-program and test the phone systems main equipment before it even arrives on site.
  • Confirm exact installation time and date that’s convenient for you.
  • Organise diversions so you don’t have ANY off-air time.
  • Follow up calls to ensure you are completely happy.

The Emerging IP Business Phones

In today’s world, you are expected to be an expert and be an endless source of accurate and up to the minute information. So wherever you have an internet connection, you have instant client contact. VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you and your staff to be instantly connected with the internet, client profiles, service history information, industry updates and any other online benefit while speaking with customers. Your staff will be able to communicate with greater ease and confidence. And more importantly, your customers will feel the extra value and measure of your service.

VOIP transmits voice the same way that data is transmitted over the internet. So your staff members do not have to be sitting at a desk, attached to a phone or head piece. Nor do they have to be spending hours and dollars on mobile phone calls. Wherever there is broadband internet available, either fixed or mobile, there is IP Telephony.

By utilising a “soft” phone installed in your laptop or PC you can be in contact with your customers virtually anywhere you happen to be and at any time that suits you and them. IP Telephony makes voice communications readily available that it improves the productivity of your staff and the quality of customer service to your customers. This may result in substantial benefit to your running costs and the bottom line.

Talk to us further about the way in which IP Telephony can increase the flexibility of your workplace telecommunications, improve productivity and customer service which may result in improved profitability for your company.

CBD Fixed Voice Plans

A whole array of voice contracts which are available to business customers with a valid ABN or ACN where customers commit their fixed voice services to Telstra for a term of 12, 24 or 36 months in return for special pricing on the monthly access and call rates.

The key features of these fixed term agreements are:

Competitive pricing for fixed services, including:

  • Network access for PSTN and ISDN
  • Competitive outbound call rates including local, STD/NDD, fixed to mobiles and international calls
  • Competitive inbound call rates
  • Breadth of Service Discount — offering customers 100% Discount on calls from the Fixed services to eligible Telstra Mobiles on the same account

Monthly rebate on eligible calls






CBD Mobile Solutions

Mobilise your business with the Telstra Next G™ network (850Mhz) which is more than just a mobile network. It allows you to do business more effectively by connecting your customers, staff and suppliers to an amazing spectrum of information. Investing in a Next G™ handset is a smart commercial move as along with the Next G™ network you can:

  • Access Australia’s largest and fastest national mobile network. The Next G™ network is twice as large as any of our competitors 3G networks in Australia.
  • Send emails, download files or use your office applications at broadband speed while you’re on the move.
  • Access voice and SMS mobile services in more than 140 countries overseas.

If you already have a phone, but still want to take advantage of the NextG Network and the great plans available than there is a plan for everyone whether you need one service or access for an entire fleet. We can set you up with a sim only plan or you can add on a phone as a “Mobile Repayment Option” so you don’t have to worry about paying for it upfront. Save money towards paying for the handset by taking up a member plan. As a business owner you can get a monthly bonus towards your phone repayment on a Mobile Advantage plan.

Click on the links below to download more information about any of the products we offer:

With Telstra’s 4G LTE network you’ll enjoy more than double the 4G coverage of any other network. Telstra 4G is available in more than 100 metropolitan and regional centres, including all capital cities. Telstra 4G goes faster in more places. You will be able to enjoy typical 4G download speeds of 2Mbps–40Mbps across an area that is more than double that of any other 4G network in Australia. What’s more, your Telstra 4G device will seamlessly operate across Telstra’s entire coverage footprint so if you happen to go outside a 4G coverage area, you’ll automatically switch to our leading 3G speeds.